Critical Thinking Media Competence

A study for the investigation of the impact of Facebook as a social media marketing instrument, with the help of the marketing mix


"Once we lived on the land, then in cities and henceforth in the web." This sentence from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg illustrates the change of the social and communicative life of every individual in the past decades, but especially in the last few years. Nowadays it is possible to send messages with a single click, which the listener can read a few seconds later and can answer quickly. Companies must grapple with the topic of social media marketing, because it becomes an increasing part of the daily life of a customer. These days companies cannot afford to abdicate social media marketing, because it has great potential, which can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Exemplarily this study shows the effectiveness of the largest social media marketing tool, Facebook. For this reason the marketing mix, consisting of product, price, place and promotion, is used in this study to describe the marketing and technical factors. Facebook uses the technical communication between people to advertise unnoticed for many companies. Nowadays it is common to have an smartphone or tablet. Therefore companies and their marketing departments use it to make advertising, whereby about 70% of all companies operate activ with social media marketing. In this regard, Facebook is the largest social media marketing tool that can appeal to most customers.


Customers have the possibility to search every product in the internet which are available at the market. Facebook offers companies the opportunity to buy banners. On these banners the company can advertise a product. In this regard, many companies have develop a new kind of product manufacturing with the help of social media marketing, which involve the customers in the production process. Costumer co-creation is a possibility to involve customers in the production process, where customers can develop a product or a product idea. If the company accepts this product idea, it turns into the mass production. Another possibility to involve the costumer is mass customization, which Nike has successfully carry out with the idea of Nike ID. The apps of Facebook render possible. The Companies get a quick feedback for their products, based on the quick communication on Facebook. Reactivation of a product is also possible. The reactivation of the Nogger-Choc ice is a good example for this. Approximately 2,000 people have joined forces and wrote an appeal at the Facebook page of Lagnese. After that Lagnese has restart the product, the wishes of the customer were satisfied.


Social media marketing can also influence the pricing of products. McDonalds with the idea of MyBurger is a very popular example for this influence. McDonalds save the costs for the development of the product, because the customer develops the product itself. This development is a kind of customer co-creation. Either you can do this with the help of apps on Facebook or when you click at the banner at Facebook, which is associated with the website of McDonalds. Also Facebook offers the possibility to advertise with discounts at the advertising spaces. In addition customers have the opportunity to interact through blogs or forums at Facebook about the price-performance of products. For these reasons nowadays the companies use 20% of the marketing budget for social media marketing.


The trade channel Internet or Web 2.0 had become so important for the companies that they have no option to not use it. The buying process of the customers is still the same. This buying process exists out of different phases. At the Internet are these phases different to the phases at a shop. We call this customer journey. An example for this customer journey is a little banner ad under the button for friend request at Facebook. If the customer requires a new and cheap jeans and this banner ad advertises one with 10% reduction. Now the customer can decide to buy jeans at the Web 2.0. There you can search for your perfect jeans at the wide choice you have. Then the customer search for this jeans in the Internet where he can buy it or if it will be a good decision. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to have an influence on the customers at the start of the buying decision.


Nowadays the companies have to look on their communication policy because Facebook do not forget anything. There 68.9% of the companies uses Social Media Marketing, and with this connected Facebook, for their communication policy. At Facebook the companies can contact with their banner ads many people and especially young people. But the most important issue for Social Media Marketing is to obligate people to the company and to show new products. They can also use Facebook to generate new employees or for market research. Furthermore the customers can contact the company in a direct way by Facebook because of this the service will be better.


This study analyses the influence of Social Media Marketing on the profit of the company. We cannot give a complete answer to this question. On the one hand the influence of the Social Media Marketing to the profit of the company is not clear. On the other hand we can say that Social Media Marketing is an instrument to generate a higher profit and to reduce the costs. Social Media Marketing at Facebook has various new options for product policy, price policy, distribution policy and communication policy which were mentioned before. This new options can have positive effect on the profit of the company but you have to use this new options. So we have a high potential for the future and Social Media Marketing will become more and more important for the companies.